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Over the last 15 years, the Westport School of English has worked with dozens of leaders and taught hundreds of students. Below are some testimonials which reflect the experience that our course offers, and showcase how truly unique the opportunity is for prospective English-learners.

In Shamrock we have been running summer courses for the last 20 years and I can honestly say that The Westport School of English is by far the jewel in the crown. Over the last 20 years almost 1000 students have had an unbelievable experience in Westport. The keys to the course’s success have to be the organisation and the quality of families. The Irish families make the students feel so welcome and they treat them as one of their own. Westport itself is an amazing place to run a course with its quaint streets, amazing scenery and friendly people. The activity programme is another plus with events ranging from horse-riding to cycling, all types of sports, including gaelic ones, and an array of other social and cultural activities making this course second to none. During the three weeks the students also have a full English language programme with classes ranging from beginners all the way to fluent speakers with the added advantage of Cambridge preparation classes. If you want your child to have an amazing three weeks learning about life in Ireland while learning English,  the Westport School of English is the place to go, you will not be disappointed.

Brian McMenamin, Leader of Shamrock Idiomes, Murcia

We have been working with Westport School of English for several years & it has been always a great success ! The students get to live a very strong experience of immersion into the Irish culture & the English language through their host families & English classes. The diversity of activities offered ranging from sports, hiking local mountains, going to the sea & many cultural visits to Galway, Dublin…you cannot be disappointed ! The organization, logistics are going very smoothly. The two directors Peter & Kieran are dedicated professional and make their best to make this experience as rich as possible for the students. They built a network of very good host families they can rely on and offer a very good quality of hosting for the students. They have very good communication skills to deal with human matters & sort all type of situations with smile & composure. Thanks to the quality of the whole staff, in overall, these Summer Courses are a whole Experience of Ireland with a very warm & joyful atmosphere to learn English in a lively & safe environment!

Ségolène de Tilière, FIDEOJOY, France

We’ve been working with Westport School of English for the last 14 years and I can say that we are absolutely delighted with their summer programme. The level of detail and care from the staff is absolutely amazing and that makes this programme so special for our students.

Óscar Porras, Middleton School, Madrid

My students have enjoyed every moment of this fantastic experience at the Westport School of English. The hosting families provide not simply an accommodation, they make our children feel at home. The classes are well organised, with excellent teachers. The free time activities are involving and challenging. And, last but not least, Mr Carney and Mr Geraghty with their staff are always there to help you. 

Antonella Lovato

I had tried different English courses abroad for my students but since I met Peter and Kieran, with their special care to students and their superb choice of families, I stopped trying. Students enjoy and learn. They really bond with their families and with the rest of students in the course and the staff. I have students who repeated even 4 times, that’s the best sign of how well they feel there and how much they enjoy the experience, because this course is a really authentic Irish experience.

Ana Sanchez, ABC Idiomes, Barcelona

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